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What Are The Production Materials For Leisure Bags?

- Jul 03, 2017 -

What are the production materials for leisure bags?

There are many kinds of materials for making leisure bags, including natural leather, synthetic leather, imported PU, domestic PU, plastic, cloth, animal fur, grass and so on.The most productive, the most versatile leather material is of course the cowhide.Cow leather is most durable, the cattle of two to three years old and above are the best, others such as pig skin, goat skin, snake skin, crocodile skin and so on are also very durable. Of course, the real crocs are expensive. Really pure cow leather bag, top layer skin. The price of this bag can be imagined, after a few dozen process of fine processing, the quality of course is very good, not only durable, and feel good.In fact processed pure leather and natural leather, because after processing, so there are artificial things, often people are not interested in leather, think leather will not contain the composition of the skin, is entirely man-made.This is a misunderstanding created by the Chinese themselves.

In addition, the imported pu leather is also very upscale as a leather bag.Not only the quality is guaranteed but also the color is richer and the feeling is very good.

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