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Luggage Industry, China's Three Major Investment In The Coming Years

- Feb 27, 2016 -

Many traditional businesses in the coming years will be on that road, must take a path of light, mobile Internet + traditional concepts of entity and not many people know that when Daniel was done, had a few years ago, blossom and entity stores all over the country, there are subversive treasure, Jing dong, momentum. Excellence in 2013 by the Consortium introduced in Guangzhou, China, company excellence industrial Guangdong remains young and trade limited company jointly established the excellence of Chinese operational headquarters, became fully settled in the fashion department stores in China market. In September 2013, the MINISO excellence "China first, shop" opened in Guangzhou, China, and within a short period of time one after another in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang and other cities fall flowering success opened the door to MINISO Excellence products to enter the Chinese market. Led open shop at other brands in China. Last November, when I came to Shenzhen huaqiang North of the store prior to this do not know the name brand excellence, what first attracted me to be unique and store promotions. Public attention and excellence into the shop, sending coupons, price stepped full implementation of relief goods, packaging of the most important is the creation of innovative, relatively high prices, shop atmosphere of business in consumer interaction and customer experience. Public operations end, innovative, a famous star celebrity endorsements, online selling activities. MINISO excellence now open shop in China in 2015 300More than full layout Chinese life superior consumer marketing plans, which businesses can learn from traditional luggage entities to invest in enterprises, public, combined with their own special products do accurate fans accumulate marketing and fans reach a certain number set up their own micro-malls so fans flow in their holding, wants to play how I play. Taobao different from Ma to spend money to buy traffic.


Despite the decline in export turnover in recent years, but have some experience in foreign trade and export of luggage companies can transfer their investments to underdeveloped countries, for example to invest and build factories in Viet Nam. Before the export should be directed by some developed countries such as the United States, Britain, France and Japan turned to Indonesia, Thailand, Central Africa, the Philippines, Brazil and so on. Reason is the traditional winter just when less prosperous place luggage entity business development in the spring, and this spring will not like the Mainland as quickly as in the past, some seemingly high spending in developed countries, but the market is saturated. Alibaba now to do a Octopus free export declaration export tax rebates, preferential policies for export subsidies of 3 cents for a dollar, foreign trade flow high loan of up to 10 million, its owner direct: position can be 100% as an export trade of new investments and the voucher.
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