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How To Match The Lady Leisue Bag

- Jul 03, 2017 -

How to match the lady leisue bag

Leisure bag is a kind of bag different to briefcases, document bags etc, which is mainly used for shopping, tourism and took part in the party. However, if you hope to be the focus of the party, you need to pick the right goods to match yourself. Big red leisure bag is eye-catching enough already and won't lose sight in crowd! When you carry such a dazzling bag on the back, you must not dress colorful, otherwise you look as a  big red envelope on street. If you are in simple color as grey, black, white, contracted pair of jeans, light shoes, boots, the big bag character come out perfectly. Match style as black and white is classic, red and white is very bright, red jacket + white trousers is to form good figure of the golden ratio, white metal buckle decoration of bowknot shape is like, for the white of quietly elegant and fashionable, this autumn you can beauty is very bright and very pure and fresh.Wine red retro bag extends the retro trend of spring and summer, with distinctive and eye-catching vintage metallic color to occupy your visual space, the foundation of a complete sense of fashion sense, a trace of mystery and sexy beauty.Chic bag design, with antique hardware lock clasp, elegant lasting appeal is like guzheng music all around, the elegant restoring ancient ways to deduce incisively and vividly, add a more luxurious breath.Go with vintage clothing and don't have a charm.In collocation bag, in addition to consider coordinated with the color of clothing, style, style, also notice to the individual color and shape characteristics, so as not to increase the skin dark heavy feeling and reveal shortcomings, let you look not so shiny and outstanding.

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