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The luggage of knowledge

- Feb 27, 2016 -

by All Saints Family Support Centre
This project will help us to take care about extra education (for example arts, sciences, sports, activities improving social skills and etc.) for children living in environment unfriendly towards knowledge and development. This is necessary for children growing in the vulnerable environment to have the chance to fulfill their gifts and talents in order to become full member of the contemporary society.
24,222 Lithuanian children live in environment unfriendly for learning and development. Their parents lack skills, motivation and finances for appropriate care; many people turn away from these children and their families. But street picks them up! Girl wished to be a veterinarian, now she is prostitute. Young man is in jail for robbery, he used to dream about the career of architect. In contrast, our aim is to use the talents and gifts of these children. Let's use them, instead of loosing them!
Through developing child's gifts and talents in the mixed group, where children from vulnerable and safe environments meet together, the process of integration will be promoted. The main attention is to child's strength and talent. Child will choose the field he is interested or good at and will have the possibility to participate in extra lessons in order to develop new skills. As the result, child will meet peers with same interests; will feel more competent and able for independent searches.
Long-Term Impact
Education is one of the main rights of the child, which gives the opportunity to be more confident and brave in choosing the profession. Also, project might be the possibility to stop the circle of hereditary poverty in person's life. As the result society will get more self-confident and self sustaining members, who will be able to take care about their future family and local environment. Today's child will become person able to create added value instead of being governmental support user.

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