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Luggage Of Knowledge: Backpack With Healthy Relationships

- Feb 27, 2016 -

After discussion with the experts know, backpack reporter summarized the following points to purchase health approach:

1, and material to light: some purchase bags experience of friends should will has understand, itself Backpack by with things of weight has let body too much has, if bags itself of weight is heavy words, so just in using Shi is tired, and on and health is is big of load, some backpack because increased has many not necessary of decorative and increased has backpack weight, very not desirable.

2, wide straps to: knapsack back bandwidth is based on Science, the wider the Backpack straps allow the shoulders increase the bearing surface, reducing shoulder partial mechanical damage to the shoulder.

Backpack position is very important, especially the young and restless, so could use some strange positions carrying his backpack, but poor posture may bring serious impact on spine, over time for adolescents is a serious health hazard. For example some Messenger bags and shoulder bags, some people look deliberately shoulder bags, Crossbody strap to elongate, but this makes the backpack continues to shake, big pressure on the spine for a long time. Buy some long strap backpack should note that their risk is much higher than the average backpack.

Backpack needed two major points:

1, shake reduction: whether it is a backpack or Messenger bag do not strap is too long, sorry to backpacks reduce shaking. Adjust the length of the backpack strap to the proper length to help you stabilize the center of gravity. The muscles of the body will not be shaking overshooting, felt fatigue in advance.

2, backpack: backpack position don't place too low, often backpack position the lower edge at the waist is better, while others like the location of the backpack in the pelvis, which could have serious ramifications for pelvic health.

Back before 3, backpack: some people like the backpack back before, once in a while ago back may reduce shoulder fatigue, but back before may adversely affect the spine for a long time, or even a hump phenomenon for a long time.

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