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Learn Knowledge of Luggage Detection and Protect Yourself

- Feb 27, 2016 -

Everyone has experienced luggage detection in the railway station, airport, even custom. Those machines have appeared in the station are specialized luggage detector produced by luggage detector factory, but have you ever thought what luggage you can take and which you can’t? The following you can learn:

In general, strictly baggage scanner emerged in three fields: railway station, airport and custom.

(1) Railway station

When you take the train, three types of goods will be prohibited when participate luggage detection:

①Passengers carrying goods free weight: adult(20 kg), child(10kg), diplomatic personnel(35kg), when over free weights and external dimensions specified items are not allowed to bring, but can additionally be checked.

②All dangerous goods( such as detonators explosives, fireworks and gasoline, etc)

③National restrictions on the transport goods, items impede public health, animals and vehicles damaged or contaminated.

If anyone takes above luggage, the luggage detection can be hard to pass. You must don’t want to attract people’ attention in this way, thus obey the order.

(2) Airport

The luggage detection is harder and more complex at airport, because more people from different regions and countries will carry goods from many parts of the world. You maybe take prescribed goods and get into trouble because you don’t know the purpose of the state. Thence, some basic orders should be remembered by plane. The following items are prohibited on board aircraft:

①Firearms, military or police armed with class(including main components).

②Category of explosives and their imitations.

③Ministry of Public Security promulgated tool “ To Implement Controls on the Part of the Tool Interim Provisions” are listed.

④Inflammable and explosive materials.

⑤Toxic chemicals: including cyanide, toxic pesticides and other toxic materials.

⑥Corrosive substances, including sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

⑦Radioactive materials such as radioisotopes and etc.

Take care of your luggage before you leave house to airport, because there are so many examples that people carried prohibited goods and fell into trouble when they were executed luggage detection.

(3) Custom

People are usually impressed for Custom to combat illegal smuggling during the process of luggage detection. With the development of globalization, the velocity of circulation of goods and cargo is accelerating. Chinese is strict for the goods through the Custom:

①Cigarette/Cigar/Tobacco. Immigrants who stay less than six months can bring four hundred cigarettes and more than six months can bring four hundred cigarettes.

②Chinese medicine abroad. Everyone can carry up to three hundred dollars to a foreign country; one hundred fifty Yuan drugs to Hong Kong and Macau; forbidden to carry a limited amount of the drug over immigration.

③Gold, Silver and Ornaments: Immigration can’t be more than fifty grams, exit China must be licensed and etc.

In summary, security awareness should be enhanced always in those links, luggage detection is most momentous. Of course, there are emerging criminal means, thus luggage detector factory should exalt the performance of narcotics detection.

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