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How to see the quality and grade of handbags?

- Feb 27, 2016 -

handbags is one of personal belongings, it is equally important with clothes, Handbags if you are not very understanding of the quality and grade, take a look at this article. 
1, look at the quality
see is to see the appearance of a friend can spend conditional on the version, or find a picture you can clearly distinguish the sites or books here that it is better not to find some foreign magazines to more than second-hand Bags, so not accurate, I will explain why later. Another look and stitch by hand, you can only rely on specific criteria to judge, unless you can find an expert or experts in explaining to do next. The more pleasing to the eye the better the quality of the package. 
2, touch quality
feel feel the package material, the better the general feel of the material the better (more flexible here is not to say more Ay) and some models, is the hard texture of the materials, and look at style, and genuine but also the same, but as long as it is genuine, and their leather is soft and the more you use, there will be good to see the glossy sheen. 
3, Wen quality
If you feel there is a very pungent taste it is not a good merchandise you, the more pungent the more than good goods, poor quality leather, pu leather will be unpleasant pungent taste, in addition, the process of making Bags a lot of glue, good manufacturers are using imported glue, generally do not have the pungent taste, as well as genuine and a good imitation of the package materials are better, smell the fragrance Bag kind of light, usually evaporation from the skin color fragrant out, good LV leather itself is kind of old to spend the unique taste, the taste if you smell bad smell, it shows that, hey, is not a good stock it! 
4, hardware and zipper
hardware is an important criterion to judge the general good goods thick bright shiny metal, no glitches, especially the zipper, zipper manufacturers feel a good pull up the smooth, lubricated a little bit chewy. Generally good Bag manufacturers use imported glue, less volatile acids, metal does not change color quickly, genuine general hardware 1-2 years no obvious signs of fading. 
5, plastic head
plastic head generally refers to the leather Bag leather strap or cut the glued part of the site is generally thicker in this part of the production process to use glue to stick together to achieve good manufacturers using Jin Koujiao, odor, more environmentally friendly, the other looks more transparent, generally transparent red plastic head part looks very muddy, it is definitely not a good product it! 
6, lining
this bag is to determine the quality of a very important factor, often poor quality of the package, this is not good to do, because many people really have not seen the bag, but most people look to determine the appearance, very few attention to detail inside, as long as you watch like a lining material, a good bag is lined with good contrast, looks stiff, thick, smooth to the touch, and bags lined with some very volts Link Posts , not too many folds and accumulation, especially lining and leather binding site, the general good package of leather cut relatively straight, and very smooth, this part of a low gear Bag can be seen, very rough, even unglued, break, there is a good way to judge, to see if a false compartment, and some Bags of many styles of posts.

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