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Contact Me to Learn Basic Knowledge of Luggage Detectors

- Feb 27, 2016 -

Baggage screening machines are also known as security apparatus, security screening system that we do not feel strange, because it is a good helper of the train station, airport, port security. We are very familiar with its appearance, but also know that it 's functional role, now let's go through luggage detector manufacturers factory to gain insight into the working principle of the baggage of the detector, analyze its deep mystery.

According explain luggage detector factory technical staff, we simply summarize the detector works as follows. X-ray Inspection system into the channel, the barrier wrap detection sensor, a detection signal is sent to the system control section, the X-ray generating a trigger signal to trigger X -ray source emitting X -ray beam. Collimated bunch of X -ray fan beam is passed through the conveyor belt on the subject article, X-ray absorption of the subject article is finally installed in the bombardment energy of the double channel semiconductor detector. Thereafter, the X -ray detector into a signal, such a weak signal is amplified and sent to the signal processing.

Some local uses security doors for security work. Portable metal detector, security doors capable of generating an alarm through metal objects, is due to both sides of the door that has the sensors can transmit and receive alternating electromagnetic field when a metal conductor by an alternating electromagnetic field excitation, the metal conductive body eddy current is generated, and the current and emitting a magnetic field with the same frequency but opposite to the original direction of the magnetic field detected by the metal detector is to detect the presence or absence of eddy current signal the existence of nearby metal.

There are two basic instrument works above description, we can clearly understand the basic functions of baggage of the detector from luggage detector factory, as well as its internal structure and working principle. Since luggage detector factory with rich experience and knowledge, we can get more information from them.

About detector applications, luggage detector factory gives us a lot of illustrate. For example, in some production companies, precious metals ( such as copper, aluminum, tin, nickel ) and other raw materials prices rose sharply, resulting in related industries such as metal, electroplating, electrical and electronic wire and cable, machinery casting and other production companies, products, semi-finished products, component costs soared, because of these precious metals prices are so expensive, some ill-intentioned employees have an opportunity to gain access to these precious metals. For the company, employers have duty to prevent the loss of precious metals, so they put these enterprise application security gate and a metal detector at the factory, which can scientific, objective, humane and effective prevention and has played a role in warning.

For this application, the luggage detector factory added that precisely because the security door with high detection accuracy and adjustable objective, no man-made interference, does not involve search, respect for employees, fast, easy to control. From one aspect, they can protect the interests of producers, otherwise it also respects the employees.

In addition, because every train station has the baggage screening machines, then the radiation these devices to the human body what harm it? luggage detector factory explained that the security belt around the channels are fitted with protective lead curtains, the purpose is to prevent radiation leakage. Up to baggage X-ray machines and medical X -ray machine radiation in two X-ray machines are substantially the same stations, airports, customs and terminal use, that is to say even you climb into the equivalent radiation screening machine for a short time, it just like being done a chest X-ray, will not cause harm to the body.

luggage detector factory said they also produce underground metal detectors. This detector is different according to the user to select a large plate specially designed to detect, mainly used to detect and identify hidden metal objects buried in the ground. The instrument uses high-power transmitter, were equipped with a large probe plate to meet the needs of different probes with sufficient depth and accurate identification ability. luggage detector factory analyzed, this metal detector with probing depth, high precision, accurate positioning, resolution and strong features, is a professional ultra- deep metal detectors, especially for the detection of deep strata operations.

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